In 2016 the 2/6 project was launched by Harbour Brewing.

The result was two very special beers, a Saison and an IPA, brewed by Beavertown Brewery (London), Cloudwater Brewery (Manchester), Harbour Brewing (Cornwall), Siren Craft Brew (Berkshire), The Wild Beer Co (Somerset) and Arbor Brewing (Bristol).

This year the project will evolve in to something even more special...


The Breweries

This year there's nine breweries taking part, plus Harbour Brewing who will be hosting the event again.

Three amazing breweries from the USA, three awesome breweries from Europe and three of our very best from the UK. They will be split in to three teams who will compete to make three different beers. They'll only brew them once. 


Team one

Team Two

Team Three


The beers have been brewed and we all had an ace weekend!

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